PL - Pontus Lindman



"I think it's a brilliant concept! I think it's thrilling"

- Amanda Holden BGT19

"That's the craziest thing I've ever seen man!"

- Mac Miller 2017

Pontus Lindman is an award-winning professional magician working worldwide. The last decade he's done everything from full stage shows for thousands of people, worked alongside some of the industry’s top names and done most types of show mentionable.

2019 he performed on Britains Got Talent with The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick, resulting in four yeses and hundreds of millions of views world wide. Check it out

He's done Swedens biggest charity events on live TV, performed on the worlds greatest trade and fair exhibition CIIE in Shanghai (Ch). Ran his full stage show The Conspiracy from 2019 to 2023. 

During 2023, Pontus will be working on some new TV-projects and start his new tour of the show Moments. To see more of Pontus work as a magician, follow his socials below!